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Faraday Kids: Back into schools with a ‘Big Bang’

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Faraday Kids: Back into schools with a ‘Big Bang’

Published: 21 February 2022
A groundbreaking outreach team helping young people to explore science and faith, is thrilled to return to classrooms across the UK after a long break during the pandemic.

The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion exists to help people of all ages engage with the fascinating questions raised by the interactions of science and religion. Since 2013, the team has been working hard to develop a wide-reaching and successful programme for thousands of young people to explore positive science-faith interactions through accessible interactive sessions, resources and training.

Unfortunately the pandemic put a halt to in-person sessions, but with the support of a Benefact Trust grant of over £140,000 the Faraday Youth and Schools team is back in the classroom (and the church hall!) ready to help young people explore and embrace life’s big questions, and equip teachers to support young people to tackle science and faith issues.

Some topics the team have recently explored with young people, include:

  • E=MC2: Stardust and Other Mysteries – Engaging with the mind-blowing wonders of the universe and humanity’s response to them throughout the ages
  • Fossils and Faith – Travelling back in time to explore the history of life on earth, what we can learn about it through science, and how those ideas might interact with faith
  • Turtles, God and Science – Stepping into the shoes of a conservation scientist to consider how science and faith influence the way people engage with our environment
  • Big Questions: Science and Religion – Mysteries, maps, and fire! Exploring two important parts of the human endeavour to understand the universe, how they differ, where they interact, and how we engage with the fascinating questions they raise

As well as exciting sessions with young people in schools and churches, the end of 2021 saw the return of Faraday’s 'Science-Faith Communication Training Course'.

Together with the God and the Big Bang project, the Faraday Institute team hosted a weekend-long course for Christians wishing to develop their science-faith communication skills. With input and teaching from a range of experts, and opportunity to practice and receive feedback on communicating through writing, presentation, interview and panel settings, the weekend was a great experience for all involved!

Participants noted:

  • "The event exceeded expectations! It was a really encouraging weekend, and I learnt so much about communication from staff and participants. For me, it was perhaps the first time I'd spoken about this (and therefore put thoughts into words), so it was a great opportunity to not only think more carefully but also formulate how to answer sometimes difficult questions. I'm beyond thankful that I got to attend.”
  • "I would say my excitement has risen hugely to do more in this area!”

Science and Faith in writing

With our funding support, the Faraday team has been working closely with authors to equip them to write about science and religion for different age groups, so that young people have engaging resources to learn from, helping to stimulate thoughts and conversations around big topics.

God Made the Dinosaurs has just launched, written by Caroline and Michael Carroll, in collaboration with The Faraday Institute. This beautifully illustrated book will teach seven to nine year-olds all about dinosaurs, from the familiar T-Rex to lesser-known species, highlighting how these and other prehistoric creatures show the wonder of God's creation.

To find out more about Faraday Kids, visit: www.faradaykids.com. Or if you’re interested in booking the team for visits or training, visit: www.faraday.cam.ac.uk/schools/connect/

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