Helping graduates to make a social impact throughout their lives

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Helping graduates to make a social impact throughout their lives

Published: 20 April 2023
With the support of our funding, a national charity is expanding its work and growing its alumni network to equip the next generation of graduates to lead a life in pursuit of social justice.
Just Love’s aim is to build a mass movement of reflective practitioners who have a positive influence on society in the long-term. The work begins with students, but the true impact is through Just Love graduates.
By 2040, Just Love could have 5,000 to 10,000 people in its Alumni Network. As it lays the foundations, Just Love has received a three-year grant of £40,000 from Benefact Trust. This transformational grant enables the charity to leverage serious social impact, strategically mobilising people around key justice issues, while also preparing the ground for decades to come. Just Love wants to see a generation-shifting justice movement in every corner of the UK. 
Already, Just Love alumni have been selected to stand for Parliament, established social enterprises and helped pioneer churches in marginalised areas. Just Love began with a handful of students, but as it turns 10 this year over 1,000 people have now come through Just Love and entered the next stages of life. The Just Love Alumni Network exists to turn this potential into impact. 
Tim Lornie, Alumni Network Coordinator at Just Love, said: "At Just Love we want to see thousands of alumni giving radically, consuming ethically and transforming the industries in which they work. We want a wave of leaders committing to communities on the margins; a wave of political innovators working for dialogue, integrity, and long-term change at the heart of public life; a wave of holy intercessors quietly breaking ground for God's justice in every nation on earth. We are seeing the beginnings, but just think what is possible in 10 to 20 years’ time when thousands of Just Love graduates are living across British (and indeed global) society. We urgently need reform across teaching, law, childcare, housing policy, the arts and beyond - Just Love has a part to play." 
Over the next 18 months, a central focus for the Just Love Alumni Network is financial stewardship. Just Love wants to see people give radically above the norm, leveraging wealth for enormous social impact. Every extra 1% of giving mobilised among this community represents a huge boost to effective charities worldwide; these numbers will rise and rise as the network expands year on year.
Financial Stewardship is just one part of Just Love's vision to make an impact in society. Our grant is liberating time and energy to invest deeply in the practical and spiritual foundations of the Alumni Network, where its impact will be multiplied for decades.

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