Heritage Skills for Christian Buildings

Caring for our Christian heritage

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Caring for our Christian heritage
Benefact Trust’s Heritage Skills for Christian Buildings Grants Programme ensures that heritage skills, which are essential for the conservation of historic Christian buildings, are preserved and promoted through apprenticeships, scholarships and training courses. We support organisations offering such opportunities by providing funding to enable them to train individuals who are pursuing a career within the heritage sector.
The grants programme is open for applications from any registered charity offering training in heritage skills, providing they can demonstrate that funding will support skills relevant to the preservation of Christian buildings. This is an evolution of our closed Heritage Grants Programme, which provided funding to key heritage partners to offer training in heritage related skills.
Our core criteria
Skills that are likely to be supported through the programme, include:
• Stonemasonry
• Carpentry/joinery
• Heritage plumbing
• Heritage electricians
• Heritage brick laying
• Lime plastering
• Thatching
• Lead work and glazing
However, we will consider other skills if they are relevant to the maintenance and preservation of Christian buildings.
Our programme will fund specific individuals rather than providing general funding across a cohort of students, and will support them for the duration of their training up to a maximum period of three years.
All individuals supported through this programme should receive an accredited qualification at the end of their training, which is recognised within the Heritage sector.
Heritage Skills grants are available to all eligible applicants, whether or not they have recently received a grant from Benefact Trust. Applicants may therefore submit applications for both a Heritage Skills grant and other Trust grants programmes, depending on eligibility. 
If you have any queries with regard to eligibility, please contact us so that we can provide guidance.
To apply for a grant under Heritage skills for Christian Buildings, you will need to complete this online application form
Heritage Skills Grants Documents