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A message from Benefact Trust: Coronavirus pandemic

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A message from Benefact Trust: Coronavirus pandemic

Published: 21 April 2021
We stand with you during these challenging times

Benefact Trust, along with many other Christian funders, recognises that the Covid-19 pandemic is an exceptional event that will have a significant impact on our beneficiaries and the people and places they support for many years to come.
We want to offer reassurance that we stand with you during this difficult time, and to thank you for continuing to provide such vital support to communities as your organisation adapts to the ever-changing situation.
We’ve been inspired by the many examples of our beneficiaries changing their model, support and activities to continue to provide practical and pastoral care and support to the people they help in the most effective way possible.
In the Spring of 2020, the Trust provided £250,000 funding to four charities actively involved in tackling increasing food poverty due to the pandemic, and gave £100,000 to the Just Finance Foundation to run a programme aimed at helping people out of financial crisis.
Then in July 2020, we launched the Hope Beyond grants programme, aimed at enabling churches and Christian charities to meet the changing needs of their communities in response to Covid-19, with a particular focus on tackling loneliness, improving mental health and wellbeing and building digital resilience. Demand was unprecedented, with 747 Christian organisations benefiting from more than £5 million in funding during the course of the programme. You can find out more about the impact of the programme and read our Hope Beyond research report.

The Hope Beyond programme is now closed as we reflect on the learnings and early impact and consider the next phase of our Coronavirus response. Our other grant-giving programmes are currently running as normal and, as a funder, we recognise the need for flexibility in these challenging times. If you wish to propose re-directing grant monies we have given for a specific purpose to meet urgent need in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, or anticipate experiencing difficulties achieving the project outcomes/impacts you outlined in your application or project proposal, then please email us with a brief explanation and we will come back to you as quickly as we can. We’ll also be flexible if you’re struggling to meet reporting deadlines in the months ahead.
We look forward to continuing to work with you to make a positive and transformative impact on lives and communities. Keep safe and well.

Tim Carroll
Benefact Trust

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