Launching our Building Improvement Grants Programme

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Launching our Building Improvement Grants Programme

Published: 28 February 2023
Restoring lives, not just buildings
As part of our new-look grants framework, today we’ve launched our Building Improvement Grants Programme to protect and enhance Christian buildings; ensuring their continued use for generations to come, and to safeguard their rich heritage.
These buildings and spaces are vital when it comes to supporting the wider community, as well as for worship, so we are committed to ensuring their long-term viability.
The new programme is open to applications from churches, cathedrals, denominational bodies, and Christian charities. It will support capital costs such as essential repairs, improvements, equipment purchases, conservation and restoration, aesthetic enhancements, and energy efficiency measures.
With the launch of the new Building Improvement Grants Programme, comes the closure of our existing General Grants programme, but these beneficiary needs will be addressed through the new programmes. This is all part of our new approach to grant funding, which aims to simplify our grants structure, reflect beneficiary needs, and equip and empower Christian organisations to have a positive and transformative impact on lives and communities.
At the end of January, we announced this new approach to grant funding with the launch of our Community Impact Grants Programme. The programme aims to support projects that directly address major issues in today’s society, as well as helping churches to grow their congregations and support for the community.
Our new grants framework
Funding is now available under the following grants programmes:
A programme of funding aimed at supporting projects that directly address the social challenges faced by some of the most vulnerable communities in our society.
For the essential repair and improvement of churches and Christian buildings.
Focused on the preservation of essential heritage skills and careers through apprenticeships, scholarships, and training courses.
For building projects that support Methodist churches in their mission and ministry, with a particular focus on church growth, community engagement and accessibility.
5. Crisis Response Grants 
Grants to charity partners who are responding to specific emergency situations at home and abroad (Grants are not open to applications).
To protect churches from metal theft.
Working together to achieve more
We’re excited to get started and help you to make a lasting difference to people, communities, and places. If you’re working on a project that you believe could benefit from our funding support, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For helpful hints and tips on your fundraising journey, visit our Advice Hub.

Ready to apply?

Once you've identified which grant is right for you, taken a look at how to apply and formed a project plan, it's potentially time to start your funding journey
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